$MEI Non Fungible Porn World Domination

Are you ready for this ride with $MEI?

Explore our 10 stage cuming attack! We are constantly updating and improving the Meinu experience.

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1. Seducing

✅ Conceptualization
✅ F&F Round
✅ Stealth Launch (Dx Launch)
✅ Liquidity (69 YEARS- DxLock )
✅ Campaign

2. Getting Horney

✅ Marketing Drive Initiated
✅ Listing on CoinMarketCap
✅ CoinGecko listing Submitted
✅ Creation of new marketing material
✅ Quora Marketing

3. All In

🔶 Showcase initial platform
🔶 Live seducing Session on Mondays
🔶 Publishing NFT Marketplace
🔶 NFT auctions & Leader boad
🔶 Recruiting amateur content creators
🔶 Professional Porn Star NFT’s

4. Delivering

🔶 Voice Effects
🔶 New Partnership
🔶 Community Drop & Competitions
🔶 Use 3% of marketing wallet to TikTok & Instagram
🔶 Bringing AMA Live Porn Starts
🔶 Let the community pick live pornstars to recruit next

5. From the Back

🔶 Collaboration with x2 big name pornstars
🔶 Exclusive live cam video NFT with cam session
🔶 Introduction of smaller exchange listings
🔶 Asian Exchanges
🔶 Lunarcrush
🔶 Bitcoin talk marketing

6. Can I can call you Mine?

🔶 Staking with 66.9% will go live (Fuck my sushi, Eat my Cake, Lick Melons)
🔶 New users promotions and giveaways
🔶 PR commences
🔶 Stake Drop Live Party with Music

7. Doggie

🔶 Introduction of video call functionality
🔶 Major collaboration with an internationally recognized pornstar
🔶 Another Major exchange
🔶 Virtual Gifts
🔶 NFT Competition

8. The Good EX

🔶 VIP $MEI Video Halls with porn stars to hodlers
🔶 Adult events and parties live streamed through $MEI

9. FUCK Me I am Famous

🔶 The Worlds leading Non Fungible Porn Platfrom
🔶 100,000 live cam halls
🔶 1M active monthly platform members

10. Climax

🔶 Corporate sponsorships and endorsements
🔶 Porn Awards


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